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St. John’s Lutheran Church located in Greenwich Village will launch their first Jazz Mass beginning on Sunday, July 11 at 6:00. We would like you to come experience Jazz with Spiritual Appeal, anointed with New Orleans Traditional Style Music and Food.

St. John’s has graced Christopher Street since 1821. It’s the oldest church building in Greenwich Village. The site where St. John stands was once an Algonquin Indian Village. Greenwich Village is known today as a cradle of the arts. It has always been home for many ethnic groups. The church received considerable publicity in 1965 when the New York Community Trust declared it a landmark.

St. John’s Lutheran Church is an embracing Holistic Spiritual Haven for Hope, Creative Expression and Love expressed through Artistic Talent.

The church would like to act as a conduit to help current as well as aspiring artist promote themselves in New York’s Tri-State area as well as other outside areas. The goal is to allow all audiences to embrace the engaging, uplifting tone of God’s Word integrating the varied artistic gifts to mankind.

What will make this Jazz Mass different from any other in the New York area is that we will honor Jazz by welcoming the flavors and culture of New Orleans’ traditional style as it is The Birth Place of Jazz. New Orleans is a city rich in its history, its culture and its traditions. It is known worldwide for its food, its music and its celebrations.

We have invited musicians who have migrated from New Orleans to New York and we’ll entice you with New Orleans cuisines directly from former residents of New Orleans and actual descendants of Jazz originators from the mid 1800s.

Come take part in the first launch of St. John’s Lutheran Jazz Mass and enjoy the great sounds of music from well known as well as young and upcoming artist; indulge in the Creole cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds, and join us as we anoint the streets of Greenwich Village with a New Orleans Traditional Second Line Parade as we step and dance to celebratory music

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